About us

  • The IOVI portal survey tools are based on a cooperation between the change in intelligence ® GmbH with the IST Innovation Institute at the University of Constance.
  • The IOVI- portal provides methodically and scientifically developed and modern software technology implemented survey tools relating to feedback processes, employee surveys, customer surveys and innovative change interviews.
  • The many years of experience of  Veränderungsintelligenz® GmbH combined with the scientific approach of the University of Constance ensure field-proven and established concepts and tools.

The Change Intelligence ® GmbH is an expert for personal and corporate change processes. The survey tools on the portal IOVI provide a realistic assessment basis for targeted measures in change or development - the basis for the targeted strengthening of the respective relevant competencies or skills in counseling / training / coaching. In addition, we specializes in diagnosing and specifically strengthening people's ability to change and innovate, as well as organizational change abilities and innovative abilities or blockages in companies.

More information: www.veraenderungsintelligenz.de

As a research and transfer institute, the IST Innovation Institute is the competence center of the HTWG Konstanz on the topic of innovation, agility, change and entrepreneurship. There, in publicly funded research and industry-related projects, methods, processes and tools are developed with which companies can strategically develop innovations and implement them commercially. Supported by experts from industry and science, the bridge is being built from basic research to innovative applications in the field of management systems. Various innovation prizes were awarded for the developed management systems and tools. Applications developed by IST are the foundation of successful start-ups and of successful change and innovation processes. The User Research Group is headed by the Director of the IST Institute, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido H. Baltes, scientifically led and moderated.

More information: www.htwg-konstanz.de/ist

We could also recommend for more information our book

Veränderungsintelligenz (Springer Gabler Verlag 2017)